Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best Bride & Groom Pose Ever

Hi ols....
I di tag oleh Cik Yuzz utk join contest
created by eMah Somel
so, nk tahu syarat2 contest n,
 jenguk blog cik eMah Somel yer...:)

utk contest n, I kena cr pose yang I suka
memang xder keje, so I pon search la...
so, pose yang I suka adalah

pic credit to Azizi Elias

he's a great photographer to me

this pose looks so sweet
 and so romantic..
with the scene at the beach..
i just love this pose...('',)

orait, now, tag 5 orang
2. Cikkin

ok, done...:)


eMaH SoMeL said...

ouch!..pose 18rated..i loike!..ol d besh cik eida =)

the girl next door said...

j0in =)

kitakesitu said...

ololo...suwiitnya =) good luck dear!

eidA said...

alamak...18rated ker..xder niat pon..
memang suka..heee

good luck semua...=)

zimie said...

ops ieda pun join gak contest emah.hehe gudluck dear!

eidA said...

hee..tq zimie..cik zimie pon join kan...gud luck to us..=)