Friday, July 29, 2011

Back home

hi all.....

sorry for the silent mode...
a bit busy..
 not with the preparation
but with the worksssss..
(nampak macam xikhlas di situ..hee)
tp, ikhlas xperlu dilaung-laungkan right??

I wish, I could take a few holiday,
but I can't
since I am the educator..
I just can take a leave when there is no classes only..
oh, poor educator like me...:(
(but I guess, other jobs profession may face a different problem..
oh, I am very grateful to be in this field actually..)

If I could have one week holiday...
(CTR la....cuti tahunan dah sikittt..huu)
I want to settle everything especially on the door gift item..

*baju adik2 aka sepupu2..xbeli lagi
*paper bag xsettlekan lagi
*kad kahwin belooooommm
*design pelamin belooooommm




even I xdapat cuti...

I try settlekan sikit-sikit...

Mr E kata...
jgn gelojoh...

so..kita cool yer...

take a deep breath..
....... I found out, being a 
planner is never been an easy job...
Source : Mr G

like this one for nikah??
ok tak...


Gadis said...

ok sangat2..

Gadis mmg suke kalau yang mcm ni..

mata nampak lagi cantikk..^_^

Suria said...

Memang sesuaiii..sgt cantik..
suria pon tercari² gak nk design camni..hiihi :D

Cik Lijah said...

ok, ok, ok...!!

cantek sgt dear....

ok, amek masa relax ekk...jgn hari bahagia..mesti besh..!! ngeh3

eidA said...

semua suka stail camni ek..boleh la try..
my MUA kata leh wat stail macam n..and dia yg sarankan actually..hee..

TQ semua..:)